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Military Vehicles of World War 2

Military Vehicles of World War 2 examines that extensive class of transport vehicle not covcred by the term ‘Armored Fighting Vehicle’.

Much has been written since the end of WW2 about the development and use of the Armored Fighting Vehicle, but, until recently little serious attention has been paid to the fascinating military vehicles of the non-AFV variety and it is satisfying to see that proper attention is at last being paid to the supporting arms, without which the ‘teeth’ of an army would lack the essential bite to achieve victory.

This recent interest is not surprising, as apart from military nostalgia the post-war motorcar and truck industry benefited greatly from wartime experiment and experience, a fact that has helped military vehicles of World War 2 find their place in transport history.

This book is profusely illustrated with contemporary photographs in black and white, taken from archives belonging to John Batchelor. Today, preserved jeeps, ambulances, trucks, scout cars, etc, are guaranteed to attract crowds of people whenever the vehicles go on display and the contemporary photographs are supplemented by pictures of preserved vehicles, specially located and photographed in full color by Andrew Morland. Many of these display-vehicles have been lovingly restored in perfect detail, by enthusiasts, from remnants of vehicles discovered in scrapyards.

Military Vehicles of World War 2 contains 30 pages of full color and 125 black and white photographs.

JOHN Church is an aviation engineer with military transport interests. He is an expert modeler and a former member of the 1st Battalion, the Parachute Regiment, with extensive war-time experience to his credit.

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Military Vehicles of World War 2
John Church
Crescent Books
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